The creators of SHAOLIN JAZZ proudly present a unique film experience catered to the lovers of Kung-Fu flicks, the music they inspired and everything else in between…..CAN I KICK IT?  At each event cult classic martial arts films are screened, and scored by a blend of Hip Hop, Soul, Funk and more mixed live by DJ 2-Tone Jones.  The result is a live, remixed soundtrack to the movies using select music and DJ techniques to accentuate elements of specific scenes and fighting sequences.

Here’s a quick look at CAN I KICK IT?

Throughout the ’80s and early ’90s in the United States it was common to catch martial arts films from Hong Kong on TV during weekend mornings.  The type of TV programming was usually referred to as ‘Kung-Fu Theater’, and the films themselves became more widely known as ‘Kung-Fu Flicks’.  Most of them were made in the 1970’s, incorporated stunning and acrobatic choreographed fight scenes, and featured English-language overdubs (voice recordings) that were done so poorly that they seemed somewhat comical.  These movies garnered a cult following and became etched into American popular culture; and more particularly, Hip-Hop culture.  Several rap artists have made references to characters and major players from films of those era; many B-Boys/B-Girls have patterned some of their power moves from maneuvers originally seen in those films; and some artists such as Wu-Tang Clan, Fu-Schnickens, Jeru da Damaja, and King Just have incorporated elements of East Asian martial arts philosophy [based on what they have seen in those films] into their own respective images and persona.

Since the ’80s and early ’90s, those same types of movies are no longer as present on TV.  As a result, they are becoming virtually unknown to younger generations, and nearly forgotten to others who experienced them.  CAN I KICK IT? is a new way to re-introduce classic Kung-Fu flicks.  It is a revival of Kung-Fu theater, but remixed.

Movie Posters

    Can I Kick It - 8 Pole Diagram Fighter      Can I Kick It - Afro Samurai - Nov. 2014      Can I Kick It @ Cornell 2          Can I Kick It - Come Drink With Me      Can I Kick It - Ip Man      Can I Kick It - Hard To Kill                                           

film_schedule_2017@ SONGBYRD MUSIC HOUSE in Washington,DC




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  1. Carol Williams

    Looking to see if you will be in our area, Northwest Iowa, during the month of February 2015. We are really interested in bringing you campus. Please let us know if you have ANY block booking opportunities this way.

    Carol Williams
    Director of Multicultural Engagement

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