Of all the unique engagements presented by SHAOLIN JAZZ, this is the one that best reflects the innovation and intersections of Jazz and Hip-Hop.  SHAOLIN JAZZ L!VE is a performance of selections from the SHAOLIN JAZZ music catalog reinterpreted live by a Jazz band led by DJ 2-Tone Jones.  2-Tone uses the turntables to both blend vocals live with the music, as well as manipulate various sounds and improvise in a manner similar to any other musician in the band.  And the full ensemble is comprised of members from Sound of the City Band, a collective of artists from the Washington, DC area that have provided musical backing for a very long list of Grammy-nominated artists and musical icons.  It is a performance that entertains and stimulates Jazz fans and Hip-Hop heads alike.

Here’s a quick look at SHAOLIN JAZZ L!VE

The first L!VE performance took place on June 25, 2012 at the legendary Blues Alley (the longest-standing Jazz supper club in the US) located in the Georgetown area of Washington, DC.  In front of a very mixed and crowded audience (for both shows that evening) SHAOLIN JAZZ made history by making DJ 2-Tone Jones the first and only DJ ever to headline at that landmark Jazz venue.  Since then the band has performed at other notable venues and events across the US, and has even traveled overseas for special performances at the US Embassy and African Union in Ethiopia.  At both engagements the SHAOLIN JAZZ L!VE ensemble featured Grammy-nominated vocalist and songwriter Wayna.

2012-06-25 20.46
Click the picture to see a recap of the Blues Alley (DC) show.

Performing with Jorga Mesfin and The Jungle Crew at the US Embassy in Ethiopia.

BB Kings Marque
Click the picture to see a recap of the B.B. Kings Blues Bar (NYC) show.

Months prior to the Blues Alley performance 2-Tone got together with members of Sound of the City Band to record live versions of two selections from The 37th Chamber.  The reworked songs were packaged together along with album cover work by Shamona Stokes (winner of the SHAOLIN JAZZ Album Cover Design Contest).  Click on the image below to download the SHAOLIN JAZZ L!VE single.



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