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Of all the varieties of musical genres that are commonly known, quite possibly Jazz and Hip-
Hop exhibit more parallels throughout their respective existences than any two others.
Historically they eventually gained a much larger and diverse audience, and both became the most prominent and financially lucrative genres of music throughout their respective eras. Beyond that, there are similarities such as the use of rhythmic devices in jazz solos and the delivery of an MC, the creativity exhibited in improvisation and free-style rhyming, the dance moves from the big band jazz period and the early ’90s Hip-Hop, and the use of various musical styles in both Jazz composition and Hip-Hop production. However, despite the evident connection between the two genres the awareness and acknowledgement of it has been minimal – hopefully until now.

Here’s a quick look at The SHAOLIN JAZZ Lecture Series

By far the most dynamic extension of SHAOLIN JAZZ is a series of educational and interactive multimedia engagements referred to as The SHAOLIN JAZZ Lecture Series.  The aim of the lecture series is to explore the cultural and musical parallels and connections that exist between Jazz and Hip-Hop in an informative, yet entertaining way using music, art and discussion.  This includes a multimedia presentation incorporating music samples, video clips, historical and contemporary images, and a range of other thought provoking content.

To date an impressive list of over 20 colleges and universities across the US have hosted the SHAOLIN JAZZ Lecture Series in some capacity; including Cornell UniversityBoston College, University of IllinoisVillanova University, Delaware State UniversityUniversity of Virginia, Tulane University, University of Nebraska, Oberlin College, UNC Chapel, Morgan State University and Tufts University.  To receive a detailed proposal about each engagement please send an email and any inquiries to

SHAOLIN JAZZ presentation at Stonehill College (February 20, 2014) 

DSC_0151 (edit 1)SHAOLIN JAZZ Panel Discussion at the DC Jazz Festival (June 9, 2012)

SHAOLIN JAZZ lecture in a classroom at Temple University (September 30, 2011)

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